Campaign for Support

Every day, a new person walks through our doors seeking help and support to face the news that they just recently heard: "you have cancer."

Every day, we need to be ready to provide the support that will give them the best chance of recovery and wellness.

"What I have experience at Cancer Support Community Arizona has kept me alive. I have been given strength, hope, courage and support," ~ Karen

You donation today means that the next person who hears, "You have cancer," won't have to face it alone. But they'll have the support, care and resources they need to learn to live with cancer and hopefully beyond it.

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Your gift helps provide FREE help to those facing cancer. This is where true healing happens!

Your donation provides:

  • Group therapy
  • Support and networking groups
  • Fitness programs, such as yoga and tai-chi.
  • Stress management classes may include meditation, expressive arts, music and dance.
  • Healthy living seminars and workshops on topics like cooking and nutrition.
  • Social events that bring families facing cancer together.
  • Children and teen activities and support programs.
  • Bereavement support programs for adults and children.