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Community is Stronger than Cancer and you can make that community of cancer patients, survivors, loved ones and caregivers a little stronger every month by becoming a recurring donor.

Monthly giving is an incredibly efficient way to help sustain Cancer Support Community Arizona. It provides us with a consistent and reliable income stream, while making donations manageable and affordable.

And monthly donors are eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, meaning you can recoup your gift on your state income taxes, and claim a dollar-for-dollar credit of up to $470 annually for individuals or $938 annually for couples filing jointly. So your gift of $40 a month (for an individual) ultimately would be repaid to you through the tax credit!

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I love the work CSCAZ does for our community. I am grateful to have the opportunity to support an organization that provides such comprehensive emotional support to those facing the devastating diagnosis of cancer. Knowing that these services are available for everyone free of charge makes me a proud supporter of this organization. Thanks CSCAZ for all you do!

Maggie Ryan

As a wife and mother, I know firsthand the impact cancer can have on every aspect of family life. We were fortunate to have many offers of support, but we didn’t even know what help we needed. The people at CSCAZ know what patients and families need, and thanks to generous donors, they are able to support families like mine through the hardest times.

Jill Watts

After discovering CSCAZ, I knew there were others who could benefit from all of the support they offered. I am proud to be a monthly donor and give others a chance to receive the care that everyone at CSCAZ provides.

Jeremy Wilhide

I’ve been a committed donor to CSCAZ since 2007 and after attending the Porch Party Gala in 2016 I became a monthly donor. Now that I’m at a place in my life where I can support a bit more and throughout the year, I was excited to provide my support.

McKenzie Simmons