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Hypotherapy for Pain Control and Healing Acceleration

Craig Meriwether CHT-CMS practices Integral Hypnotherapy™—the adaptive, client-centered and collaborative approach to healing. Craig is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Medical Support Specialist having completed 500 hours of classroom style education in this comprehensive methodology


Hypnosis Is A Natural State of Deep Relaxation.

Hypnotherapy activates your natural healing process. This hour long session mobilizes the subconscious mind (the body’s autonomic nervous system) to do the healing. Hypnotherapy doesn’t do the healing, it is a technique that actives your own natural healing potential.


What do you need for online hypnotherapy sessions?

  1. You can use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Please ensure your device is connected to power for the session and positioned where you can see and hear clearly and the teacher can see and hear you.
  2. Headphones are optional. Most people are happy to use the built in microphone and audio on your computer.
  3. Switch off other devices, so as not to distract you.
  4. Sit in a quiet comfortable room. It is recommended you leave your pets outside the room.
  5. Sit in a comfortable chair which ideally can be reclined to relax back in and a support to slightly elevate your feet where you can relax. Alternatively a sofa or a bed can work too.
  6. Optional are a pillow, light blanket, glass of water, and box of tissues.

SPECIAL NOTE: In response to COVID-19, Cancer Support Community Arizona is shifting this program to be held via Zoom only, which is a virtual/online platform that is FREE and accessible to you via any smart phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

 ZOOM LINK:   Please register here and login information will be emailed to you.   

For questions on how to use Zoom, please visit https://cscaz.org/online or contact a member of our staff directly at (602) 712-1006 or info@cscaz.org